Inmate Visitation

There are a couple of ways in which you can visit an inmate at the Pueblo County Detention Center.

For all video visitation, an appointment must be scheduled through the Getting Out website or APP.

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Remote Video Visitation

Visit from a smart phone, tablet or computer - visits are charged by the minute

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On-Site Video Visitation in the Jail Lobby

Visit in the jail lobby from a wall-mounted kiosk - visits are free 

If you need assistance with registration

If you need assistance please see this Instruction Guide

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Beginning July 30, 2023

Video visits for inmates in segregation may only be scheduled during the out-time for the inmate, this includes from the free visit kiosks in the jail lobby.  If you schedule a visit outside of the out-time, you will only be able to visit by audio, NO video.

If you have questions regarding out-times, please contact jail reception in person or by calling 719-583-6135.

Change in FREE visits

For all visitation scheduled through the visit kiosks in the lobby of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Detention Center, there will be a limit of 80 minutes per inmate per week.  

The 80 minutes can be split up into blocks of time, for instance you could schedule one for 30 minutes and two for 25 minutes, during a given week.