What can a tenant do when the landlord enters without permission?

If the landlord enters the unit without permission or without other proper authorization, the tenant may consider taking the following steps:

  • Send a written complaint to the landlord and/or manager documenting the landlord's or manager's actions. Keep a copy of this complaint. Request that the actions stop immediately or that permission be obtained from the tenant in the future.
  • If the landlord's invasion of privacy continues, document the landlord's disregard of the last letter by sending another letter, stating that you intend to take other action to assert your legal rights.
  • Change the locks and do not provide the landlord with a key. Remember, the tenant assumes full liability in case of an emergency and must reinstall the original locks upon moving out. Send a letter advising the landlord that the locks have been changed due to the landlord's continued invasion of privacy and that the landlord should contact the tenant to gain entry to the unit in the future.
  • Subject the landlord to arrest for breaking and entering by calling the police while the landlord is improperly in the tenant's unit. Report all threats, intimidation, and physical attacks to the police immediately. Be sure to keep a copy of any complaint filed with the police.

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