Request Us at a Public Event

Public Presentations

Many sections here at the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office participate in Public Presentations or Community Outreach. View the following sections and contact information for each:

To have Sheriff Kirk M Taylor at your Public Event
Contact Corinne Montoya
Phone: 719-583-6131

  • 911
    Shonna Clementi
    Phone: 719-583-6252
  • A Community Organization for Victim Assistance (ACOVA)
    Jennifer Chavez
    Phone: 719-583-6434
  • Active Threat Training
    Captain Steve Bryant
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
    Lisa Shorter
    Phone: 719-583-6221
  • D.A.R.E.
    Sergeant Jason Hanratty
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • Disaster Preparedness and Personal Responsibility
    Charles Bradley
    Phone: 719-583-6202
  • High Tech Crime Unit
    Captain Leroy Mora
    Phone: 719-583-6400
  • K-9 Deputy
    Sergeant Joshua Rude
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • Kids Safety
    (Bike Safety, Child Abduction Prevention, Anti-Bully Campaign)
    Sergeant Jason Hanratty
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • Neighborhood Watch
    Lieutenant Chris Kilpatrick
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • PCSO Honor Guard
    Lieutenant Jeremy Bacor
    Phone: 719-583-6422
  • Tactical Teams
    Captain Steve Bryant
    Phone: 719-583-6250
  • Traffic Focused
    Car Seat, Alcohol Awareness, Teen Driving
    Lieutenant Christopher Kilpatrick
    Phone: 719-583-6250

Additional Information

This list isn't all-inclusive. If there is something your group or agency would like us to present, please feel free to call any of the numbers listed and make the request.

We hope to see you soon!