Victim's Compensation


If you have suffered personal or property loss as a result of a crime, and it results in a criminal case, you will be given the opportunity to provide that information to the court.

For information on court-ordered restitution, or misdemeanor and traffic, contact Collections at 719-583-7050. For information concerning restitution ordered by the court as a condition of the defendant's sentence to a period of supervised prohibition, you need to contact the defendants' Probation Officer.

  • Adult Probation
    Phone: 719-253-5600
  • Juvenile Probation
    Phone: 719-253-5600
  • Probation's Victim Advocate
    Phone: 719-253-5618

Victim Compensation

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for financial assistance from the Victim Compensation Fund. Even if the suspect is not charged with a crime, you may still apply for victim compensation. Financial assistance and community services are not limited to the compensation fund. For further information, contact:

  • District Attorney's Office
    701 Court Street
    Pueblo, CO 81003
    Phone: 719-583-6030
  • Victim Compensation Administrator
    Phone: 719-583-6092