Detention Security Division

The Detention Security Section consists of 3 Lieutenants, 6 Sergeants, and 120 Deputies and Civilian Clerks. The Detention Security section is responsible for the safety and security of all persons being held in one of three categories:

  • Pre-sentence detainees are held until posting bail or until adjudicated by the courts.
  • Sentenced inmates for misdemeanors are housed for up to two years.
  • Courtesy holds are housed for short terms for other counties, other states, and in some cases for federal agencies.

Deputies in the Custody section manage the day-to-day operation of the jail facility to include random cell checks and searches, serving food trays, delivering mail, and enforce facility rules and the laws of the State of Colorado.


The Security Division also includes several associated task areas like new deputy on-the-job training programs, facility cleaning, criminal intelligence gathering, and tactical operations.

Inmate Behavior Management (IBM)

Inmate Behavior Management or IBM Plan was created by the National Institute of Corrections. The concept behind the plan is to generate positive inmate behavior and whereby control of the Jail is by the Deputies, not the inmates. The plan includes six essential elements: 

1.    Assessing the risk and need of each inmate at various points in his/her detention.

2.    Assigning inmates to housing units.

3.    Meeting the inmate’s basic needs.

4.    Defining and conveying expectations for inmate behavior.

5.    Supervising inmates.

6.    Keeping inmates occupied with productive activities.