Community Notifications

Community Notification Process

  • If a convicted sex offender meets the criteria in the Sexual Predator Risk Assessment and is found by the Court to be a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP), the Court may also find that the SVP is subject to Community Notification. (Definition of Sexually Violent Predator).
  • When released in the community, SVPs are required to register with their local law enforcement agency and to re-register every 90 days for life.
  • The law enforcement agency shall notify the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and CBI shall add the information to their website.
  • The law enforcement agency shall conduct local community notification through a community meeting, in accordance with the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board's Criteria, Protocols and Procedures for Community Notification Regarding Sexually Violent Predators. Specific groups, such as schools, senior centers, and recreation facilities, will be invited to the meeting, as well as residents of the SVP's immediate neighborhood, as determined by the law enforcement agency. The meeting will consist of an educational presentation followed by the SVP notification. Residents who do not attend the meeting may request the SVP information at the law enforcement agency. All residents who receive the SVP information may report their own name and address, so that the law enforcement agency may contact them if the SVP changes residences or leaves the community.
  • When an SVP changes residence, employment, or makes any other change that would place a new or different portion of the community at risk, additional notifications may be required.

Teach Your Children

  • Don't take rides from strangers.
  • Don't harass or visit any sex offender's home or yard.
  • Do tell a safe adult if anyone acts inappropriately toward them (e.g. creepy, too friendly, threatening, offering gifts in a secret way, or touching them).
  • Do run, scream, and get away if someone is bothering them.
  • Don't keep secrets.
  • Don't assist strangers.
  • Don't go places alone.
  • Do ask questions.
  • Do talk about any uncomfortable feelings or interactions.