Investigative Services Division

Detectives Checking Car

Investigations consists of: 

  • Five detectives who are assigned general criminal investigations involving crimes against persons and crimes against property
  • Two detectives assigned to the Identification Unit who are responsible for crime scene processing, collection and preservation of evidence and preparing evidence for submission to various laboratories for analysis
  • One detective assigned to the High Tech Crime Unit who are responsible for conducting forensic examinations on a wide array of technological devices; conducting criminal investigations involving technology for other law enforcement agencies in southern Colorado; conducting pro-active online criminal investigations, providing community education on Internet safety
  • One detective assigned to the Pueblo County Detention Bureau for the purpose of conducting criminal investigations occurring within the detention facility
  • One detective assigned to the Colorado Information Analysis Center who is responsible for the collection and dissemination of pertinent information associated with criminal investigations and homeland security issues affecting southern Colorado
  • One part-time civilian staff member assigned to Research and Development who is responsible for collecting and analyzing statistical data associated with crime trends and resource distribution efficiency
  • Two civilian staff members who are responsible for accountability of Pueblo County Registered Sex Offenders, the preparation, maintenance and dissemination of all documents associated with criminal cases forwarded to outside entities
  • One staff supervisor assigned to manage A Community Organization for Victim's Assistance (ACOVA) who provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention for those citizens of Pueblo County victimized by either crime or circumstance through the collaborative efforts of two staff members and 25 volunteers, assisting all law enforcement agencies located in the judicial district in complying with the Colorado Victim's Rights Amendment, preparing and monitoring of ACOVA grants, recruiting and training of volunteers